Please, Get A Room!

No Kissing Allowed

Why I wrote this: After losing my appetite day after day because of two people making out right in front of me.

Dear A Little Too Much,

What do you think of public displays of affection? Personally, I’m not the biggest fan. I get that you like each other, but honestly in a place where everyone can see you with your tongues down each others’ throats, is disgusting. I understand that you can’t keep your hands off, but do we need to see everything. A hug and a kiss are tolerable, but please, no farther. If I wanted to see that, I would torrent it, but I don’t. I have a question, when you are hooking up in front of people, what are they supposed to do? Do you want us to watch? It definitely seems that way.


Teen Drama Queen

Comment below if you have been around people who were hooking up and felt awkward.


Poll Results 2

Well I took your advice and sent The People who Raised Me #1 (from a series of many to come). I got a response back, one of the people has decided to make a blog in reply to my letters to them. Once the person gets the blog up and running, I will post the URL to the blog. Here are the results:

Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not able to send my “obsession” his letter because I no longer am in contact with him and have no way of sending it. Here are the results:

To my “obsession”

When it was written: ….

Why it was written: my “crush” told everyone I was obsessed with him.

To My So-Called “Obsession”,

So I hear you think I am obsessed with you? That’s really funny, seeing as I am only obsessed with the Spice Girls , Ed Westwick and Britney Spears. Thanks for telling everyone that I’m obsessed with you. Again, this is NOT TRUE! Why do you even think im obsessed with you? Obviously you are extremely cocky, self absorbed and have nothing better to do except for ruining other peoples’ lives. I may have thought you were hot, but I never actually liked you. I can’t believe I actually thought you were nice, because you are one of the biggest a**holes I have ever meant.

I love that I had you think I was obsessed with you because now I know that I am a good actress. Thanks jerk.


Teen Drama Queen