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You should all go to this wonderful fashion show. It is November 7th at Steven S. Wise Temple.


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I want the $1.50 back.



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When I wrote this: 2 minutes after I “tried” to eat a cupcake.

Why I wrote this: The cupcake was disgusting!

To the brick maker, I mean baker:

Today I had the unfortunate luck of trying one of your cupcakes and boy was it awful. You have some nerve serving those bricks to paying customers. The stick of butter you call frosting was NASTY, let alone rock solid. The cupcake was so hard, if I were to have thrown it at a wall, the wall would have a huge crack. So not only did I “break” my teeth trying to eat the cupcake, I couldn’t even bite into it. The cupcake tasted like cement (don’t ask me why I know what cement tastes like). EWWWW. I demand a refund for the $1.50 I spent on that cupcake. I suggest hiring a new baker. One that makes warm, soft, fluffy cupcakes. Not hard as a rock, cinder blocks. I will NEVER buy another dessert item from your bakery again.


Teen Drama Queen

Can you guess the bakery?

Should I send it?

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Queen of Halloween Costume Ideas…’Tis True (via Jumping in Mud Puddles)

Dear [uncreative] Readers,
Please read this article to find a unique Halloween costume. I’m sick of seeing the same cheerleader costume every year.
Teen Drama Queen

Queen of Halloween Costume Ideas...'Tis True      For Halloween, I want my fellow teachers to dress like medical professionals and put a sign on our backs reading, "Staff" Infection.  I don't know why they just look at me like I have a third eye. I think it is funny.     Every since I was in college in the 70's, I have been the Halloween costume "Go to"  person.  Sure, people are posting ideas on the internet, but yeah, most of them have come from me….'Tis true.    In college, a friend of … Read More

via Jumping in Mud Puddles

To the Management of the State of Which I Reside

To the Management of the State of Which I Reside:

I am completely aggravated with the traffic lights in this city. Today I was able to experience sitting at a light, waiting, for 20 minutes. Now this light is not far from my school, it is actually the light that turns, left into my school’s parking lot. Let me just tell you, I was late to school. Not only was I late, but also I would have been early if the light stayed green for more than 2 seconds. Two seconds isn’t even enough time for one car to go.

Another reason I was unable to make the left turn was because of the awful drivers in this state! I blame the accidents, the cell phone usage and the traffic on YOU. Do you think that 6 mandatory (for only people under the age of 18) hours of driver’s education is enough? No Way! It took me 4 hours of lessons driving to be comfortable on the boulevard in this city. Not only is the 6 hours too short, but also drivers’ education should be mandatory for ALL AGES. The horrendous drivers in this state are not just teenagers. The blame is put on you for the following reason: you made the driving test the easiest test anyone has ever taken.

One more thing I would like to discuss is the freeway situation. Was there a better time of the year that you could tear down and reconstruct parts of the freeway. Thank you for doing it at night, but honestly it still does not change the awful traffic that this situation has caused.

Please take in to consideration all the points I have shared with you.


Teen Drama Queen


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To the People who “raised” me #2- Broken Deals

To the People who “raised” me,

Don’t you hate it when you make a deal with someone, and they don’t live up to their end of the deal? Well I know that I do. I did what you asked me to do, and still, I have yet to see your end of the deal fulfilled. By this time, you are probably wondering what the deal was because you knew that you were never going to follow through, so you just forgot about it.



So now you remember, and you are probably going to say, “but you didn’t drive everyday”. Well what do you expect, I have school and homework, I had Camp, and only one of the two of you WILL actually drive with me, and the only times you are actually willing to go, are at the most inconvenient times of the day. When I am in the middle of writing an essay at 5:30pm or on my weekends at 7:00am, I DO NOT WANT TO GO DRIVING! Honestly, I have my licence, LET ME DRIVE alone. I can’t stand having you in the car anymore. I can’t stand the radio station that you make me listen to. I can’t stand you yelling at me because I went through the pot-hole, even though I would have hit a car on either side if I tried to go around it. Honestly, next time you are in my car, and you start talking, I am pulling over and you are walking the rest of the way. I am sick and tired of you not letting me drive. If you wait until my birthday to allow me to drive alone, I promise, the few months before then, will be hell. Let me drive, and I won’t hate you anymore.

Seeing as it is October, I should be allowed to drive alone. And I am very upset and have come to the decision that until you allow me to drive without you in the car, I WILL NOT COMMUNICATE WITH YOU, MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH YOU, AND EVEN EAT IN THE SAME ROOM AS YOU.


Too late is October 17th. And by too late, i mean



Teen Drama Queen