Why I Hate Monopolies (via MattMaroon.com)

Dear Time Warner Cable, If you routinely bill someone with a due date of around the 27th, and they pay on time every single month for three years, and then you change the billing date to the 16th, don't send them to collections if they haven't paid by the 23rd. Just call them. Chances are they auto-pay their bill on the 25th and just didn't notice the change. Thanks, Customer who will be switching to Fiber to the Home the second it is available i … Read More

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Queen of Halloween Costume Ideas…’Tis True (via Jumping in Mud Puddles)

Dear [uncreative] Readers,
Please read this article to find a unique Halloween costume. I’m sick of seeing the same cheerleader costume every year.
Teen Drama Queen

Queen of Halloween Costume Ideas...'Tis True      For Halloween, I want my fellow teachers to dress like medical professionals and put a sign on our backs reading, "Staff" Infection.  I don't know why they just look at me like I have a third eye. I think it is funny.     Every since I was in college in the 70's, I have been the Halloween costume "Go to"  person.  Sure, people are posting ideas on the internet, but yeah, most of them have come from me….'Tis true.    In college, a friend of … Read More

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