Adult? No. Child? Yes.

Why I wrote this: My mom‘s ex-best friend turned out to be a real witch. And because I love my mommy and know that she is an amazing friend.

When I wrote this: After my mother received a childish text from her “best friend”.

Dear Immature Adult,

You are the one of the most juvenile people I have ever met. I feel like I have done so much in the name of friendship: I missed school to go to your wedding, I stayed up with you the night before your wedding and convinced you to walk down the aisle, I let you have my mom for a week (even though I really needed her here with me), and I even remembered your birthday.

When have you taken the time out of your life to remember anything that has to do with me?  I had major surgery and where were you, not even a phone call to see if I was okay. But yet I still try and keep up a relationship with you to no avail. I contact you repeatedly and you do not respond in any way, shape or form; not to my texts, my Facebook messages, my wall posts, or my emails. What did I do? What did my mother do? I know what she did; she took time out of her life and mine to be there for you when you needed her. What is my crime?  I am her daughter. I really needed you. You were like a big sister to me; I thought I could count on you and that you were my friend. But now I see that I was wrong and it is sad that you are not what I thought. I am sorry for your hurt because it must be so great for you, an adult to act this way to me. I hope that you and your husband are happy and have a nice life.

Thanks for being the example of what not to be,

Teen Drama Queen

Love you Mom!


To the People who “raised” me #2- Broken Deals

To the People who “raised” me,

Don’t you hate it when you make a deal with someone, and they don’t live up to their end of the deal? Well I know that I do. I did what you asked me to do, and still, I have yet to see your end of the deal fulfilled. By this time, you are probably wondering what the deal was because you knew that you were never going to follow through, so you just forgot about it.



So now you remember, and you are probably going to say, “but you didn’t drive everyday”. Well what do you expect, I have school and homework, I had Camp, and only one of the two of you WILL actually drive with me, and the only times you are actually willing to go, are at the most inconvenient times of the day. When I am in the middle of writing an essay at 5:30pm or on my weekends at 7:00am, I DO NOT WANT TO GO DRIVING! Honestly, I have my licence, LET ME DRIVE alone. I can’t stand having you in the car anymore. I can’t stand the radio station that you make me listen to. I can’t stand you yelling at me because I went through the pot-hole, even though I would have hit a car on either side if I tried to go around it. Honestly, next time you are in my car, and you start talking, I am pulling over and you are walking the rest of the way. I am sick and tired of you not letting me drive. If you wait until my birthday to allow me to drive alone, I promise, the few months before then, will be hell. Let me drive, and I won’t hate you anymore.

Seeing as it is October, I should be allowed to drive alone. And I am very upset and have come to the decision that until you allow me to drive without you in the car, I WILL NOT COMMUNICATE WITH YOU, MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH YOU, AND EVEN EAT IN THE SAME ROOM AS YOU.


Too late is October 17th. And by too late, i mean



Teen Drama Queen

Poll Results 2

Well I took your advice and sent The People who Raised Me #1 (from a series of many to come). I got a response back, one of the people has decided to make a blog in reply to my letters to them. Once the person gets the blog up and running, I will post the URL to the blog. Here are the results:

Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not able to send my “obsession” his letter because I no longer am in contact with him and have no way of sending it. Here are the results:

To the people who raised me #1

To the people who “raised” me:
You need to stop bothering me. I need a week away from you!  Below is a list of things you two MUST improve:

  1. Your controlling personalities. (Ease up on the rules)
  2. Incessant chatter. (It gives me a headache)
  3. Never listening to me. (Even pretending to listen would be an improvement)
  4. Not letting me drive. (I have had my license for over a month. Let me drive alone already!)
  5. Yelling at me.
  6. Assuming that when I say one thing, I mean another. (I do not hate your f***ing cooking)
  7. That I come second to my brother (aka he is the favorite)
  8. Coming into my space without my permission. (And then telling me that it is too messy)
  9. You never leave me alone.
  10. You keep secrets from me (by the way, if I go into my bathroom, I can hear EVERYTHING you say when you are sitting in the kitchen)
  11. Telling my secrets to each other and everyone else you know. (How would you like it if I told your secrets?)

Please change your ways by November 1, 2010 or I am officially never talking to you again.


Teen Drama Queen