About the Blog

Everything a teen girl could complain about and more!

Dear Reader,

Has someone ever hurt you so much (mentally/physically) that you cried? Yes.Has someone ever put you down? Of course it has happened to me. Has someone ever ruined your day or messed up your schedule/plans? Someone always ruins my day. You know that really annoying girl in your english class, don’t you just want them to SHUT UP!? Pleaseeee keep her mouth shut!

Seeing as I answered Yes to these questions, you are probably thinking that this blog is one of those personal blogs about my life, but YOU ARE WRONG! When any of the above happens, I write a hate letter to someone who had a part in making my lifeHELL!

A few things for you to know:

1. The “receiver” of the letter will never be named.

2. These are not meant to hurt feelings, but for your entertainment and for a way to express my stress!

3. Every time I post, I will have a poll of whether I should send the letter. Please vote.


Teen Drama Queen



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