My So-Called “Friend”

Why I wrote this: My “friend” talked about me and told people that they don’t want to be my friend anymore. Every time someone spreads rumors about me or talks about me behind my back, I read this and just change the name of the receiver of the letter and a few other details. This is the most recent one that I wrote.

Dear my so-called “friend”,

Thanks for stabbing me in the back. After all this time, I find out you don’t want to be my friend.

You think: I am annoying, that I dress bizarre and that I am the bad friend. But first of all, I am not the one who talked shit behind your back. Second of all, never would I ever gossip about you. I thought we were friends and true friends don’t hurt each other like that. I need to know what I did wrong in our friendship and what made you so upset that you betrayed me.

I suggest you become an actress because you had me believe that we were friends. You pretend to care about me and then you hurt me. I hope that your other friends’ find out what a horrible friend you truly are.


Teen Drama Queen


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