Thank you for 8 Great Years of BRACES

When was it written:On my way home from my most recent orthodontist appointment.

Why was it written: To make the person who caused me to have braces for this long to feel bad and pay my family back.

To the Cause of my Mouth Pain,

I’m sure you have realized that I left your practice and sought another physicians care. It was brought to my attention that your methodology caused me to have alocked jaw and severe pain that accompanied cracking everytime I had opened my mouth. I have come to learn that the reason I had an overbite was because my lower jaw had not grown in properly. Your method of treatment did nothing but give me additional issues that I now have to contend with. 8 years later, I am still in braces after completing jaw surgery and I am miserable. I needed to write this letter for thepain you have caused me, the money that you stole from my parents, and the tremendous suffering you have made my brother and I go through. In my opinion, it would not hurt for you to go back to school because I’m sure that orthadonture has changed since you went to school over 50 years ago. Also, if I did wear the headgear, I would have had to redo my upper jaw along with my lower jaw.  8 years of braces, completely miserable, never had a good yearbook picture, ruined bat mitzvah pictures, this is all because of you. Hope the rest of your life is good and that you take my advice.


Teen Drama Queen


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